Monday, October 26, 2009

The Attack of the Gastro... in Lattakia!


So last night I made it too Lattakia, and ill be honest, my experience here has completely sucked so far!

I have caught some type of Gastro bug, so between throwing up and having the runs I havn’t done all that much today. The original plan was to spend two nights in Lattakia in which I would have hung out at the beach for a day, and go to the Castle of Saladin. Hopefully ill be feeling better tomorrow, so I can at least hang out at the beach, but I'm not putting tickets on myself.

How did I get sick? Well, I had a huge night on the 13th that included a 10% Beer, several Lebanon beers and too many glasses of vodka, but what I think caused this sickness was the Schwarma I had from the dodgy guy on the main road. The only thing I know at the moment is that it sucks! And its times like these that you wish you were home, getting given proper medication from a doctor as opposed to going off my judgement of what tablets I should be taking!

Anyway and unwell Fig is signing out!

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