Thursday, July 30, 2009

England Isn't That Bad...


1032 (local time)

Well, I've had an awesome sleep, because I'm in no rush to do anything! I'm currently staying at Ash’s mums house.

Ash is one of the blokes that I met over in Vassiliki, he was the food and beverages manager over in Vass but came home early because he was totally over the work. So he’s been really kind in helping me out whilest I've been over here.

I arrived in Lewes on Saterday at about 900 am in the morning. The whole trip was quite easy. A plane from Athens to London Gatwick (which was delayed 3 hours) then get off at London Gatwick, wait for my bags to arrive. I accidently fell asleep waiting for my bags, so I stressed when I woke up and realised that my bag was the only bag in the middle of the whole entire airport. But... give me a break it was about 3 am in the morning and I hadn’t sleep much in the past few days.

Anyway, so I slept in the airport that night, on some really uncomfortable seats. Not the best sleep I have ever had,. I think I slept from about 3 in the morning till about 6 in the morning! So there wasn’t much sleep involved. But we will carry on!

I eventually found myself on the train on my way to a little town called Lewes (near Brighton) this was after I slagged a bloke about cheating in the Ashes.

On the train I was, I was reading my book for a bit (that Jamie the chef gave me... cheers big fella) but quickly glanced outside and noticed what once was booring outside was beautiful England countryside.

I arrived in Lewes and asked the train bloke where I needed to be, he asked his mate who directed me up the road... no worries.

After walking up a massive hill I made it too the Elephant and Castle. Elephant and Castle is owned by one of Ash’s good mate called Dec! I have now renamed him Deks. When I arrived, it was all closed up, so I sat out the front, waiting until it opened.

I ended up tapping on the window and having my first good sleep in a while in the Wii room on the couch.

Dek’s treated me too the famous Elle Burger! That sorted me right out. I then also tried the local beer called Harvey’s, but ill get onto that later on ron!

That night, after a few beers, I met Oli, who is another one of Ash’s good mates, who took me out to Brighton to meet some of his mates! Wow... was it a big night! We ended up getting home at about 5 o clock in the morning, with the sun rising! Good times!!!

The next day involved a lot of sleeping and relaxing!.. I don't really remember what occurred that day, to be honest. I think I drank some more Harvey’s beer...

Anyway, then it was Sunday. I had a lovely little sleep in, on the couch in the Wii room. I woke at about 11 o clock (solid sleep in). Did a bit of a internet sesh and then Deks took me too went to Tesco’s which is the MASSIVE supermarket that own everything... You can buy a 6 pack of Fosters (as if ya would), and then get some home insurance... its properly amazing.

Then headed off to the Brass in the Park. In typical England weather (from what I've been told) it was grey overcast and showery. Unfortunately the band only played for 30 minutes due to the poor weather, but it was good listening to a proper English band in the park, I felt very cultured...

I walked back to the Elephant and Castle (Elle) to find Ash back home! It was cool seeing ‘old mate’ again. We had a few too many beers and slept in the Elle and had another good sleep in.

So that brings us too Monday... Monday was relaxed, because Ash was back home after 3 months so I was introduced to a bunch of his mates. I saw my first Argus shop... it was amazing. Get this guys, its this place where you go through this MASSIVE book to find something you want, you then look up the number of the thing you want in the little computer to see if they have stock, and then you write it on a card and take it up to the people at the counter who get it for ya... its properly awesome.

ANYWAY... that takes us too today... pretty big day actually...

Started off pretty late, but we eventually got cracking. We c\aught the bus from Ash’s house in a lovely little place called Newick to Lewes to explore the Downs, which are pretty much a bunch of big mountains, goofed around up there, and then set off to the Harvey’s Brewery Tour that I scored for myself and Ash.

Harvey’s is a beer that is brewed in Lewes, its a family beer that has been brewing since 1790. Everybody knows about Harvey’s in Lewes and around the area, which makes it quite a famous beer. We later found out, that it is so famous in fact that there is a 2 year waiting list just to get on the tour... who knows how we got on, I'm assumeing its because of my good looks and so forth.

I didn’t really understand what the tour guide (Peter) was going on about, purely because I have NO IDEA how beer is brewed, but I did my best to try and learn.

Anyway, we did a whole tour of the building, and then it came to the best bit... the sample session. This is where Ash and myself just went to town. We tried all the beers, peter said that we wernt allowed to sit in the room, but we found some cosy chairs in the sample room and just tried all the beers... and ill be honest, got quite drunk in the process, it didn’t help that we had no food in our stomachs!

We wandered off home, had some fish and chips and prepared ourselves for tomorrow... it was going to be a big day. We were off to London to see the big clock, that bridge meet the queen and see that river “Thames” aka Tems!

Peace Out!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The All Nighter!!! Thanks And Good Night!


0527 (local time)

Aw mate! Right now I'm pretty much writing this blog to make sure I stay awake! I have been drinking since 6 o clock (in the evening)! And it is currently 527 in the morning I'm absolutely hammered! I think I've been caught for chucking at least 4 times over the night so I'm feeling fairly average!

‘Well Steve-o why dont you just go to bed and sleep it off’ well id like to, but if that happened I'm pretty sure that I would fall asleep and miss my bus that I'm catching at 700 in the morning. Yep that’s right, I'm catching the bus in about 1.30 minutes!

So the plan was, do an all nighter, and just sleep in the journey! Its going to be a battle but I think I'm up to it.

I've had an awesome but sad night! There has been a lot of good byes! And I’ll be missing a lot of really cool people!

As I write this message, I'm currently freezing my arse off on the balcony, but I need to tough it out for another 30 minutes as I await 6 o clock because then, ill be having a shower, brushing my teeth and having some corn flakes with milk... not exactly in that order! I'm worried that I may be caught for chucking on the bus, but I've been drinking plenty of water so I think ill be’ a ok!’

Alright... well I'm now continuing this message at 1627 in the afternoon now, I think I have now completely sobered up!... I hope!

Give you a little top tip, the best way to avoid a hangover, is to just not go to sleep! Its worked pretty well for me.

The 6 hour bus trip from Lefkada to Athens happened super quick as I was asleep most of the time, it was a pretty easy journey so far, but I'm slightly worried, as I have just weighed my bag and I am 1 kilogram over the limit, so I think ill be putting a few clothes on before I check in!

Alright, the other bit of big news is that, I was meant to only be staying in England for like 2 nights, and then getting on a plane to Egypt! Well that plan went down hill when I went to book my ‘cheap’ tickets and they were sold out... so it looks as if ill be staying in England for an entire week, and flying out of England next Sunday!

I was pretty frustrated about the whole situation, because I have never really wanted to go to England, but now I think its going to be quite cool. Ash, one of the guys that works on the bar at Club Vass, is coming home early, so ill be hanging out with him for a week, and he’s going to look after me and take me around London, which will be awesome.

Loads of people have offered up their house for me to stay, so we will see how that goes for me.

But I think that’s it for this blog! Its been absolutely epic my time in Vassiliki. I just do a bit of a summary:

· Met tons and tons of cool people and made some lifelong friends

· Learn some cool new tricks for windsurfing

· Made some unreal contacts

· Enjoyed my 21st in Vassiliki

· Sailed in probably the most amazing place in Europe

· Washed my hair only 4 times whilst being here!

· My hair has almost turned blonde

· I'm a Start Windsurfing and Intermediate Planing Instructor

· Hooked myself some work over in Dahab, Egypt.

Anyway, that’s it from me!

Next time you will hear from me will be in England I think! BRING IT ON! ANARCHY IN THE UK!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Most Epic 4 Days Of My Life!!!


1950 (local time)

YOU LITTLE BEAUTY! What an absolute massive past 4 days! I'm now officially running on beer, BBQ Shapes, Twisties, fruit loops and souvlakis! UNREAL!

Alrighty, ill run the past few days by ya!

Thursday 16th: “Big T” pretty standard big T (Tuesday and Thursday) with Ollie Scott DJing it was sick, with all the top tunes being pumped out! Hit it hard that night, finishing up at 4am in the morning and having to get up for work the next morning!

Friday 17th: “CLUB VASS BBQ” Friday night is always Club Vass BBQ night, and the theme of tonight was Oscars. Apparantly this is specific Friday is one of the biggest on the calendar! Over the past 2 weeks prior to the Oscars we had been filming several movies for this event. The movies we had covered were:

· Back to the Future

· Lord of the Rings

· Full Metal Jacket

· Pirates of the Caribbean

· And the WildWind guys put in an entry as well called “Water Shipped Down meets Bollywood”

So on Friday night the entertainments were shown as movies on the big screen. It was an absolute classic! I acted in Lord of the Rings as an Orc, covered in mud holding a sword, yelling and carrying on for the camera!

I also featured in Pirates of the Caribbean as a Pirate involved in a fight scene getting completely dacked and jumping off the pier.

So they were shown on Friday night, and of course everyone was pretty tanked because of pre-drinks so everything was generally pretty funny, but these videos were so funny that I was struggling to breathe! It was fantastic!

Because it was Oscars we all had to dress up in Fancy Dress, so I decided to go as Crocodile Dundee! I reckon I looked awesome. I was bare chested wearing a Windsurf Life Jacket as my Vest, then I borrowed a black pair of Jenes with my SHQ cool old man shoes, then I wore 2 belts, and was carrying around 2 ‘proper’ knives and 1 sword! Very Cool!

Anyway, the drinks were continually being consumed, then we watched it hit 12 o clock and I was officially ‘in Greece’ 21, cool huh!

That night ended pretty late... and I had to get up for work in the morning. Not cool!

Saturday 18th: Well this was the big day! I woke up early, because I was super excited! And hung over! I went to my balcony looked up at the sunrise and had a bit of a moment (just to clarify, I didn’t cry, but I was just like “wow, I'm 21”).

I then got my MASSIVE bowl of Fruit Loops and opened my prezzies! From my folks and Kelly! Kelly’s present was awesome! I got a kick ass shirt that I ended up wearing that night, and a lovely card! Thanks so much Kelly! The other present I got was from my folks, in a massive box. I was so excited! I carefully opened it up to find one thousand packets of twisties and BBQ Shapes! I WAS STOKED! Probably the happiest bloke in Vass! I found the card, and when I went to open it up the classic hit “CEL-ER-BRA TION NOW COME ON” scared the absolute shit out of me, as I was still half asleep and hung over! So I did the sneaky and half opened the card and read the note! Also, in the box of goodies was a sick pair of Otis Sunglasses that the SHQ boys sorted mum out with as well as some sick t-shirts and boardies! Thanks fellas! And thanks Mum and Dad! So off I went to work as happy as larry!

The day was great with everyone coming over to me to wish me a happy birthday! I did a bit of raking the lawn and the rest of the day involved going swimming/ windsurfing in Vassiliki Bay. The day continued and I was able to go home a bit earlier to get ready for the dinner in the evening. I had a couple of mates over here to eat some twisties and drink some Mythos beer! Then we were on our way. When I arrived there I was late, and the tables were full and we were having to turn away people because they couldn’t fit them on, which sucked, but I caught up with them in Zeus anyway. The boys arrived and sang happy birthday to me and gave me a sick Volcom T-Shirt, which rocks!

So many beers were drunken, and we left paid our money and headed off to the next bar! Where more drinks were drunken, then we eventually made our way to the almighty Zeus Bar! Well, it erupted!

The tunes were epic, with Wonderwall, Bohemian Rhapsody and of course my personal favourite here in Greece... MR. BOOMBASTIC by Shaggy!. Everyone was on the poles singing and dancing! It was awesome.

The nights continued to the early hours of the morning and ended up eating a Crepe at the end of the night. It was great!

But I had to be awake before 10 the next day, as we were going on a road trip!!!

Sunday 19th: I was woken up by the beeping of my alarm! It was 9 o clock, and I had to get ready to meet the boys down at the beach by 10, so we could head up to the north beaches for a windsurf. So we packed the little jeep sky high full of kit and headed off up north to find some new windsurf places.

Anyway, we made it up to the beach, and realised that there was no wind... we made a call back to Vassiliki to see what the wind was doing there, and Andrew said that it was blowing its tits off! Huge wind, about 30+kts 4.2 weather! We looked at each other and just smiled and went to sleep in the cars waiting for the wind to kick in.

We waited for about 30 minutes, got bored and drove off to another windsurfing location up north to see if it was windy there, and of course there was no wind.

So off we went again, back home to Vassiliki to find it just going off, we quickly rigged up and hit the water.

It was so windy, the board just wanted to be throw off the water, I was absolutely having a ball, sailing around completely overpowered. I couldn’t stop thinking to myself what an epic 4 days I’ve had. Anyway, the wind kept building, till I could no longer handle a 4.2 sail, so I went down to a 3.7, smallest sail I've ever used.

It was when I boosted off a wave, just got a huge amout of lift and I was in the air feeling quite uncomfortable so I tried to ditch my kit mid air because I knew I was going to stack it, I then realised I was stuck in my harness and the rig was still attatched to me, so I did the running man all the way till I hit the water, and landed elbow first on the mast, breaking it in two! I was in so much pain! But I still thought it was the funniest thing ever. I swam back to the beach, and just sat down for a bit just to get my breath back.

After 30 minutes of sitting down, I rigged a 3.3 (again smallest sail I've ever used) went out, was still to overpowered! So I thought, I'm just going to hurt myself so I better just go in.

I realised that my elbow was in a bad way, it had the BIGGEST lump on it looked a bit like it was broken, but it was alright. For the rest of the day I just watched the boys doing tricks.

All the boys reckoned that it was at least 40 knots with gusts for 50 knots! I reckon one of the windiest days I've ever see, what made it different is that there was no swell, just nasty chop! But all you need to do, is go off a small bit of chop and the lift you get from your sail is crazy!!!

That night I was speaking to Rik who is one of the top sailors down here. He said “Mate, I went for a forward, and I was so scared that I farted, and I just had to check my wetsuit to see that I didn’t shit myself” so that just gives you an idea of how windy it was.

Anyway, that night was just spent relaxing and thinking about what an awesome 4 days I have had.

Anyway, I think that’s everything! The next time we speak, I will probably be in Egypt!

Take care guys!

Steve the 21 year old, and now officially an adult... yeah right!


Lozza and I getting ready for the big Club Vass BBQ

Jay from as the scientist from Back to the future

My mate jay, absolutely tanked!

The Ginge Ninge (IAN) from Melbourne having a pint!

Old mate Jay and me! "thats not a knife! this is a knife"

Send it big fella!
Dancing on the pole in ZEUS BAR!

Domi and Me!

Probably singing to Bohemsian Raposody on my Birthday! NICE SHIRT KEL!

Probably wonder wall! by Oasis!

2 Pump and myself!

Send it little fella!

Lozza and myself! rocking out!

Max and Blue Juice! Bad Mix!

Now im sending it!

The beginning of the road trip! Stacking the hire car sky high!

We made it too the beach... and realized that theres no wind! So we all fell asleep!

On the road back to Vass!!!