Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Krak Des Chevaliers... Greatest Crusader Castle in the World!


2219 (local time)

Today was tour day, the hostel had planned a tour to do the castle of Musyaf, St.George’s Cathedral and Krak Des Chevaliers. I didn’t really care much for the first two, but Krak meant a whole lot to me. So the tour cost me 800(SP) ($20AUD) which is expensive, but there isn’t much I can do except get a bus to Homs and go from there. Never mind what’s been done, been done!

Musyaf castle was pretty average very restored and didn’t really mean much too me. There was nothing really impressive. The castles around this area were known for the well that was underneath the whole castle... and that’s pretty much all I know about the castle, so we will move on!

We then visited St. George’s Cathedral which was cool, from here we could see Krak which was super exciting! In St. George’s Cathedral we visited the old and new churches which was good.

KRAK DES CHEVALIERS!!! Wow this castle was nothing more than amazing. Its what you imagine, when you think “castle”

I could talk or write for hours on this stuff, and about my experience there but it would take FOREVER! So ill keep it brief, I already can hear a sigh of ‘thank goodness’.

In this castle, the little things did it for me, from all the different places the archers could attack oncoming forces, to the dimly lit stables that were musty and still smelt, then all the different rooms. Where they kept all the supplies, the church that got turned into a monastery, the hidden passageways etc etc!

Then the towers! WOW you got a view over the whole city of Homs, there wasn’t much you could look at because it was quite hazy and foggy that day. But on a clear day you can see the mountains of Lebanon.

I’m not too sure if I enjoyed this castle as much as I did with Saladin’s. I think they were both equal. The thing I liked about Saladin’s is that there wasn’t as many tourists and you could do a whole lot more exploring! Whilst Krak was fantastic just due to its size and boldness!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to the Dead Cities, to see what that’s all about!

Take care!


St. Georges Cathedral

Inside the new church!

Inside the old church,

The outer wall of Krak!

"secret path way to the outside of the castle" It was roped off... but i had to check it out!

The old pots used for storing and preparing food!

The main tower of Krak!

Krak Des Chevaliers!

Shame about the finger left in the photo, i can crop it out!

Peace dudes!

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