Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Motherland! Abbey Road, Lords, St. Clement Danes


1458 (local time)

Well I have made it too the mother land! And Crikey its expensive! Like really really expensive! But I think I'm doing alright!

BEFORE I START! I have realised that not all but most people are pretty depressed and upset with their lives, SO! My plan whilst I'm here in the U.K is too smile at as many people as I can, and then see how many smiles I get back! So in this blog, I have had 15 people smile at me in 2 days! AWESOME!

I'm getting looked after really well by Laura Slater (photographer from Vass) and her house mates Tom and George, they are all legend!

I have been here for 3 nights, well really 4 but I slept my first night in Luton airport, which was actually quite a nice sleep.

It was the first time for me, where I got into my sleeping bag whilst in the airport, used my bag as a pillow and fallen asleep properly, and then when I was woken up by the lady over the radio saying “Please don't leave your bags in an open space” etc. I looked at my watch and realised it was 7am, in which I was still pretty comfortable that I went BACK to sleep again... I had a good dream too! HAPPY DAYS!

OK so once I got my arse into gear I made my way to Lozza’s house... she wrote down some amazing directions in which I didn’t follow and made my own way there.

The next day I was going to do a little bit of the touristy stuff, so I headed off to St. John’s Wood which is an underground station in which I got off and now had 2 options. I could go straight to Abbey Road studio where the Beatles were recorded, or I could go left on my way to Lord’s Cricket Ground! So I thought I should start off with Abbey road as I listened to the Beatles on the train trip in. I wandered to the actual Abbey Road, took my standard photos, then I thought, I'm here, at Abbey Road studios I may as well go inside and see how far I can actually get. Well I got to the receptionist and said

“G’day mate, well so this is it ey”

To his reply of “we don't do any tours for the public”

“Oh thats ok mate, I'm just here for a bit of a chat” I said

He replied “well you can have a chat to the security guard”

So I took the hint and went outside to console my losses.

Again, took a few more photos and found my way to Lords Cricket Ground, ‘the home of cricket’ It was closed when I went there but the security guard was a bit of a legend so he let me see the ground under one condition, as long as I wont hop on the ground. I told him not to worry and headed off. It was a pretty surreal experience having no one in the stands.

After walking around the ground I then went to the worlds oldest sports museum, paid my 4pounds ($8AUD) and set off. It was awesome, reading about how cricket first started. I finished walking around the bottom floors then I made my way to the almighty top floor!

I started walking around, and in front of me was a small object in a glass container... on closer inspection it was “THE ASHES” I knew it was small, but seeing it in real life... was unbelievable, it was just a pity that Australia wasn’t holding it. Pretty awesome site, after I saw this I saw the trophy I walked around the corner and saw the trophy that the cricketers hold once they win... this is the one that should be in Australia.

After wandering around the museum for a while I got a phone call from Lionel who is one of the blokes that I sailed with when I was in Dahab. He wanted to catch up for a few beers at 4 so I made it too the pub and ill be honest the rest is history... English beers are big and strong!

The next day 6/11/09 it was a... late start up, feeling quite hung over I made it out of bed, we woke up Lizzy and Lionel and Lizzy who I might add, is an absolute legend cook me an amazing egg and bacon breakfast... it was definitely well needed!

Once I got my life back together, I jumped back on the tube and got off at Chering Cross station turned left then left again at the station, walked 10-15 minutes rocking out to tunes on my I-pod. The aim of the trip was to visit St. Clement Danes Church. The reason why I'm visiting this church is and where families and friends can pay their respects too all the WWII RAF pilots who lost their lives in the war. Fortunately my Grandfather that fought in the war is still alive and kicking, he was able to tell me what squadron he was in.

The squadron number is 180 and on the floor of the church there are tiles dedicated to all the squadrons in the war. Both my grandparents have visited this church 50 so years ago, so it was quite a weird feeling to be standing in the same place as my grandfather and grandmother were. It will be interesting to compare the photos to see if the church has changed over the years.

After spending a good hour and a half in the church there was still some light left, so I put on my head phones again and headed off to the National (Art) Gallery, now most of you know that I know NOTHING about art, but it was good just to wonder around look at the cute girls and the paintings!

I breezed through here, and got hungry so I headed back home and had a quiet one and organised my trip to Liverpool! GET EXCITED!

That’s it from me!

Till next time ill be in Liverpool!

Lozza's House!

Abbey Road Studios!

The Zebra Crossing!

Lords Cricket Ground

The Ash's Urn!

Cheating Poms!

St Clement Danes

Squadron 180

The beautiful church!

St. Clement Danes from the outside!

The National Gallery!


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