Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ripping Dublin To Shreads!


2100 (local time)

Happy Friday the 13th SCARRY!!

How’s the Crac! Well my first Ireland experience was... interesting. To be honest I didn’t really enjoy it that much... I just didn’t quite feel it! For this leg of the journey I stayed with a lovely family. The Murry’s were fantastic food every night, felt as if I were home! It really was a nice experience.

So I arrived in Dublin via ferry that took 8 hours! Met some people on the ferry a 21year old from Canada, 2 Americans and 1 crazy Welsh man! So the Welsh bloke got quite drunk and then just started abusing people and acting like an absolute looney.

But not too worry, I met him in the City where he bought me my first Guinness Pint, it tasted amazing, after he left... I was planning on getting on the bus so I could drop off my house at Anna’s house. Instead she was coming into town for a couple of beers with a friend. So after almost passing out in the pub from fatigue I got a phone call to meet her. So I woke myself up and ventured outside into the cold, windy and rainy Dublin. I eventually found them, and Anna took me too a nice little pub down an ally. We had a few beers, and then it was my round, so I sighed to myself and trudged down the steps convicing myself that the round of 3 beers wont be more than 10 Euros ($20AUD). I ordered my drinks to the bar man,

“2 pints of Guinness, and a glass of Carlsberg, thanks mate!”

“No worries pal, that will be 15 Euro”

“15 Euros! Crikey... not cheap” I muttered under my breath

After we polished the most expensive beers I have ever bought we jumped onto the bus and headed home. After dodging the ‘trick steps’ (trick steps are the tiles of concrete on the paths that havn’t been layed well so they move, and when you step on them you generally get water all over your shoes, socks and Jeans.) we made it too Anna’s house and pretty much crashed out.

I woke the next day to an empty house, so I took it easy and had a nice breakfast, did some emails and then packed some lunch and headed out.

The first thing on my list to do, was visit a tourist office so I could get an idea of directions. Which I did, then I headed towards Dublin Castle and Chester Beatty Library/Museum. I pretty much walked past the Dublin Castle on entrance to the Chester Beatty Library, which had a lot of articles and information on the different religions around the world. I wasn’t that interested about it, so I just cruised around and then headed to Dublin Castle... which doesn’t really even exist... photos will show this.

After here, I wandered into City Hall which I came, I saw, I left. I turned left out of City Hall and headed too Dublinia. Which is another fairly cheesy museum on the Vikings in Dublin. It was interesting, but too be honest, I think it was more aimed at... Children, so it was definitely on my level.

On Exit to Dublinia I saw a cute Italian girl that was looking at a map, obviously a bit lost. So being the gentleman that I am, I thought I should lend a hand. She was looking for St. Patricks Church. I wanted to visit it also, so I took her down there, on entrance to the Church, I quickly realised that you had to pay... So we exchanged emails, and said our goodbyes! When I'm in Italy ill have a place to stay!

My next task was too visit Kilmainham Gaol, which according to the guy in the tourist office, you could either catch the 75, 79 or 79a bus, but since buses are quite expensive, I asked him how far it was from here, to which he replied 2 kilometres away. 2 km’s, no worries about a 15 minute walk, no worries, so off I went...

45 MINUTES LATER, almost dark I arrived at the Gaol, which I only assumed was going to be closed. Anyway, on arrival I was told that the last tour was just about. to start! AWESOME! I planned it perfectly. So I paid my money and hurried on.

The Gaol or Jail was amazing, really big, and it is exactly what you imagine when you think of a Jail. The tour guide showed us the place where they used to privately hang the prisoners, the difference between the East and West/New and Old wings. It was really fascinating, and what made it that little bit more interesting was that some of the convicts that were in this jail were in fact sent to Australia.

On finishing of the tour, I again put on my several layers and headed on my epic walk back to the bus station so I could head back to the Murry’s house.

When I finally got to bed, I was pooped a decent sleep in was in order.

The next day I woke at 1030 and the plan was to visit the Guinness Storehouse... does life get much better? Have a nice sleep in and visit a brewery, HAPPY DAYS!

I finally got into town and visited the storehouse. It was a great self guided tour, where you walk around and look, feel and taste the different aspects of the beer. But obviously the best part of the tour was the Guinness at the end! You had a choice of either pouring your own beer or getting one poured for you, obviously I opted to pour my own, and ill tell you what, I did a bloody good job of it! CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS!

As most of you know, after a few beers I do get quite a bit chatty, so I spent most of the rest of the time there just chatting to people. Good Times! When I had had enough I walked back outside to what I thought was going to be a nice walk to the oldest pub in Dublin (and maybe Ireland?) and instead I was confronted with what was the most amount of rain I had seen in over 8 months. I finally made it too the pub, where I sat down and bought a 6 Euro ($12AUD) Irish Coffee made by the marvellous Geraldine. I even asked her for instructions about how to make it... and this is what she wrote, word for word!

· Whiskey

· 2 Spoons of Sugar

· Cream (well shaken)

· Don't get spray can cream (its fuckin shit)

So there ya go, next time ya round at mine, ill make you some Irish Coffee, it really warmed me up.

After the pub, I then walked back to the bus station, in which I missed my bus stop to get off, but luckily the bus driver helped me get back to the right spot!

I had a quick dinner then Trish (mother) drove me to the train station to where I am now! HEADING TO CORK!

I have hooked up a Couch Surfer/Host over there that surfs and has travelled around Australia, so tomorrow, he is planning on heading to the coast for a surf... I'm gonna freeze to death!!!

Till then lad!


My First Pint of Guinness!

A nice view of the cathedral!

That tower is all thats left of the Dublin Castle... rubbish ey?
St. Patrick Cathedral

Looks Familiar? Kilmainham Gaol!

The Guinness Experience!

Gotta make sure you pour onto a specific part of the Glass!

Happy Days!

How beautiful!

I even got a certificate! (its now in the back of my bad, incase i forget)

My wonderful Irish Coffee!

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