Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dahab to Cairo!


853 (local time)

Gahh! Finally made it to Cairo 360 kilometres of stinky freezing cold air-conditioned bus! But I made it!

The bus ride wasn’t that bad really, just a bit of a pain to get some sleep, I'm currently staying in a hostel called The Australian Hostel (original) which the guys that run it, have never been to Australia! Quite funny! Today, ill be getting some well needed rest, then I'm going to go to the Olympus Dealer in Cairo to see if I can get my camera replaced as the LCD Screen has just all of a sudden stopped working, so much for my camera to be indestructible!

You may be thinking, why has Steve the legend left beautiful Dahab and gone to the busiest city in Africa! Well, I have booked a tour that for 9 days will take me to all the beautiful spots in Egypt! All the way from visiting the pyramids to going sailing up the Nile! Should be awesome!

The windsurfing has been epic in Dahab, got my forward loops pretty well sorted, and no onto Spocks! Got really really close a few times! (for the non-windsurfers out there, a Spock is just an extension of a Vulcan, which means instead of just doing a 180, you go the full 360!)

So already looking forward until I can land those!

On the bus ride, I have just realised that my blog is being (hopefully) read by people in England, Greece, Egypt and now possibly Bali, as my folks are over there!

Not much else to report! Can’t wait for the tour!

Lots of love!


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