Friday, August 7, 2009

Egypt... The Sun Is Hotter Here!!!


1848 (local time)

Phew... I made it too Egypt! I got off the plane to catch a bus into the air port, and as I got off the plane, still in my genes and jumpers, the sun hit me... The only way I can really describe how intense the sun is, saying that the sun sees me get off the plane and thinks “you think Aussie sun is hot, check this out” Thats right, the sun said that!

Anyway... its bloody hot here, in the 40’s hot, some may say, that its almost hotter than Jennifer Hawkins! And I walk around holding my condensed bottle of steam, that used to be water... happy days!

BUT! Before I put everyone off this country, you have got to see the water!!! Its actually stunning. Its like turquoise and you sail around looking at the reefs, but don't get too close because the Spiny Normans or sea urchins will get you and they definitely aren't a bag of laughs.

So the plan was to work for Club Vass in Dahab, but it hasn’t really worked out that way, due to Visa’s etc, so I have a couple of decisions I need to make for myself.

The plan of attack at the moment is too stay in Dahab as long as I can, and keep the look out for some work... Before I leave Egypt I'm going to make sure that I book myself into a tour, so I can see all of the pyramids and the sphinx. Then I want to head over to Morocco to check it all out over there, maybe do a little bit of travelling around Africa, not too sure about the Africa bit yet though. After I have done all that, I'm thinking of heading back to the UK and going from there to France, Italy, Germany and doing all the site seeing over there, and by then. That should bring me up to Christmas where it is time for me to go home... maybe!

But that’s just my rough plan at the moment... its actually my first proper plan since being overseas! Woo!

Oh... in Dahab, the windsurfing out here, is amazing! Super flat waters! Slightly gusty winds, and a bit too busy. For example, today Denise (one of the girls I met in Vass) was happily sailing around today, and then she got ran into by a bloke on another windsurfer, the guy hit Denise in the shin and split it open ! Blood and everything! Also, the side of Denise’s board has a nice deep crack in it as well! So it can get pretty hectic out on the water! Its generally the Germans and the Russians that cause all the problems though!

Ahh well, I'm going out for dinner at 8 so I must be off!

Till next time!


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