Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Trip To El Tur


1732 (local time)

Yesterday was cool fun! We... when I say we! Myself and Denise and like 16 others, jumped on a bus at 6pm in the morning and headed off over to El Tur in Egypt. El Tur is a super secluded place where there is another groovy cool windsurf place.

The reason why we headed over there as such a massive group, is because there was a freestyle windsurf event on! And, it was just another reason to explore the wonderful country... I mean desert!

To get there, we had to endure a 1.5 hour bus ride back to Sharm El Sheik (where the airport is) then a 2.5 hour bus ride to El Tur. Its a pretty straight forward journey that should really only take 3 hours to do, but because we have to stop at so many check-points so that the custom police can make sure that everything is all good and that we are not a bunch of people wanting to blow up their country.

Anyway, so we eventually made it to El Tur, unpacked the Vans, and rigged up our kit...

Also, today we had to get our extended Visa’s from the visa office, so pretty much as soon as we got there, we headed off into town to get our extended Visas. It wasn’t long, until we got to the office and realised that we needed an extra stamp to get the visa, so we got some food and headed back to the beach.

Joe and I rigged up his kit, and then I got out on the water as quick as I could! It was a fantastic place to sail, nice flat water, really warm water... not more I could have asked for really.

So the rest of the day involved spending a whole bunch of time in really nice water.

On my last run out, I happened to step on, probably the only rock in El Tur, and in doing so, sliced my big toe open... HAPPY DAYS! Not too sure how long ill be off the water... probably not a good idea to go for a risky sail, as it could come infected and gross! So I think ill be taking it easy!

Then at night, we had the BBQ, which was pretty standard really, but got some really cool photos of the moon rising, that I’ll post up.

The trip home was terrible, involved a extremely hot bus with way too many check points. On the way back home, Denise and I had to stop off at the air port to get a Visa stamp which will allow us to stay in Egypt for 1month. So we got all that sorted.

We finally made it home at 1 in the morning, where I just crashed!

In the end it was an awesome day, I had a ball!

Till next time!

Steve aka FIGJAM!


The Pommies have nothing on the Aussies!

A competitor of the freestyle comp!

The center at El Tur!

Inside the center at El Tur!

I dared an Egyptian to lift me up... so he did!

Their are weird bugs in Egypt!

The BBQ!

Beautiful Sunset!

Im just holding the moon! How amazing does that look!

Everyone took my idea with the moon!

One too many checkpoints and waiting in a steaming car, so Joe and I had to get out!

I still reckon my photo is still the best!

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  1. So I am presuming you didn't make it to Habibi beach? I am thinking of going to El Tur in April but am wondering what conditions would be like then - would preferably like to sail in Habibi. Also what is the point at Moses Bay REALLY like? Is there a wave break there or not?