Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Ol' Cold London!


1826 (local time)

Woo Hoo! Home time for me ladies and gentlemen! I'm currently sitting on the plane from Athens to Singapore about 5 hours in and to be honest... pretty bored! Firstly ill tell you about my time in London!

Very, Very firstly! I must say thanks to Lozza and her house mates for letting me crashing in their house for 4 nights! You’re all legends!!!

Right, so I spent the first 2 days just doing some more touristy stuff that I have wanted to do on my arrival to London. Which were the 2 museums, ‘The National History Museum’ and ‘The British Museum’ and ‘WOW’ they were amazing. The first day was just entirely spent in the National History Museum I spent a majority of time hanging out with the dinosaurs then I moved on to ‘the human body’ and how babies are born etc. Parents, if you want your son or daughters to learn about the human body, buy them a direct flight to London and force them into the National History Museum. I learnt so much... it was actually amazing...

After this I went to the Animal part of the Museum, and saw the actual size of a blue whale and numerous other huge animals, it was awesome.

From here I went to another part that explained what the earth is made of etc! It was a bit boring, but by this time it was about 5pm, pitch black outside and I was ready to go home. So I got on the underground and eventually made it back to the flat.

Unfortunately nobody was home, so I had to waste 2 hours in the cold until someone came home with the key to open up the house. But eventually they did and I got warm!

The Next Day! I had a few more things to do, I knew I had to visit the British Museum but it is actually so big that it would take you over 2 days to visit apparently! So I jumped on their website where they had a plan on how the visit the most important things in 1 hour! So I stuck to that plan, and it actually took me 2 and a bit hours to visit it all, some of it was pretty average whilst other stuff was awesome like the Samurai Warrior armour! So after visiting the British Museum I knew I wanted to be back at the National History Museum because there was a lecture with a space astronaut happening and I thought it would be pretty cool to go see that.

So I caught the tube towards the History Museum and waited for the lecture to start... Well wasn’t I in for a shock... because this lecture was way above my educational level, no joke there were people in the lecture asking questions to the astronaut regarding to things about quantum physics! I obviously tried tuning in, but eventually was lost!

Not to worry though, once the lecture finished, I knew I also had to visit what I thought was the ANZ branch in London, so I caught a train to the middle of nowhere to visit a building that wasn’t even a branch, just a building so really it was a waste of time!

Not to worry though. I headed back home and took it easy! I was kind of preparing myself for tomorrow (Saturday) as I needed to get all my bags prepared for my flight to Greece!

I wasn’t planning on going out that night, because I had to be up at 5.30am in he morning because I had a taxi picking me up at 6.30am to take me to the airport.

But, there was a house party going on that a couple of the housemates were going to with free booze! So to be honest, I was never going to decline that offer! Because number 1, house party’s are the best sort of party’s and. Number 2, Free Booze! Happy Days!

The theme for the party was 60’s, I had no clothes that resembled this but it didn’t stop me, I was on a mission. I wanted to catch the last bus home that leaves at the bus station outside the house at midnight, but as the night went on, I totally lost track of the time, so instead of catching the bus I just did a all nighter, which to be honest I think it was the smartest idea!

Don't really remember the rest of the night, but it was great!

This brings me to eventually catching my flight to Athens. I knew my bag was around 23 kilos but every other Easy Jet Flight that I took I never got charged with excess baggage, but this time she wanted to charge me 30pounds because I was 3 kilos over weight... this wasn’t on in my book, so I packed my day pack full to the brim of clothes to ensure that I didn’t get stung to high... on my second attempt to weigh in, I was still over 2 kilos overweight but I used a bit of sweet talking with the lady at the desk, and instead of stinging me 20 pounds I got it down to 10 so it wasn’t too bad at the end of the day!

My arrival to Athens was quite good, it brought back some good memories I checked into my old hostel and spoke for hours with the old receptionist at the hostel, they gave me a bit of discount on my fees so I was a happy chappy!

I woke in the morning and my plan was to get a souvlaki at the first place I went to when I arrived to Athens on the 3rd of April, kind of symbolic!

I definitely wasn’t in the mood for a souvlaki but I forced it down, now I stink of garlic!

It was sad to leave Athens, but I am excited to getting back home... my only probably now is, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO FOR 14 HOURS IN SINGAPORE?

I arrive at Singapore around about 5.55am and fly out at 9ishpm! I'm going to have to leave the airport to avoid going crazy! See how that goes again! Last time I remember Singapore it was so bloody hot and sweaty, I don't want to get like that again!

Anyway, until then guys!


The foyer of the National History Museum

Cool Dino Bones!

The Big T-Bomb! T-REX

T-Rex Rep!

Actually Scary!

How Babies Are Born!

The Size of the Blue Whale!

Whats meant to be a Brush Tail Possum!

The Good ol 3 Toed Sloth1

Cute Little Animal!

Outside the British Museum!

The stone they used to Decipher the Egyptian Hieroglyphics

The Game of UN!

Actual Samurai Armor!


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