Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pretty Keen for Aberdeen!


2024 (local time)

Aberdeen... Crikey, a big weekend!

Didn’t see much of Aberdeen in the day, but saw the insides to a few pubs at night time though. It was a messy night from Day 1.

I was picked up at the train station by my couch surfer in Aberdeen called Matt!...

Right, firstly ill tell you about my epic train journey! So I thought I booked a train for the 27th for 1427... well I didn’t realise that the train station was a bit further away than I thought, so unfortunately I missed that train by not much more than 10 seconds, but not too worry the next one was in about 40 minutes, but my problem is that I will probably have to try and convince the conductor to let me on this train even though I didn’t really have the correct ticket... But I was quietly confident!

So! The next train pulled up, I explained to the conductor what happened and with a smile on her face she let me on board! So I took a seat and got out my laptop so I could watch some windsurfing movies, she asked to see my ticket, so I happily handed it over, she was then alarmed by the fact that I had bought the ticket for the completely incorrect day. I thought I bought a ticket for the 27th, but infact so how I bought a ticket for the 28th!

And it wasn’t until I was on the train and heading to Aberdeen until we noticed it! The main worry for the conductor was that it was going to be difficult for me to get out of the train station as you need to flash your ticket to get out!

I wasn’t too fussed though, I knew I was going to make up some rubbish story and blag my way out of there.

So I arrived at the train station, made up a rubbish story and made it out of the airport, called up Matt (my couch surfer in Aberdeen) who picked me up in his Blue Van and took me to his apartment in the ‘rougher’ part of Aberdeen!

Now from here on in, I was handed beer after beer until we went out on the town.

Now, I was in a slightly reckless mood so I walked off on the boys and ended up doing my own thing... Now I'm not exactly sure what went down but this is my recollection of what happened on Friday night...

So I abandon the boys to look for a bit of fun for the night. I ended up walking the streets for a bit until I saw a queue of people waiting to get into the club. So I started to line up, but then realised that I will probably have to pay to get in, I asked the guy next to me how much it would cost, according to him it would cost around about 6-8 Pounds ($12-$14AUD).. Now I have a bit of a problem with this, as I don't enjoy spending money to enter a club if I'm going to spend money on drinks... So I said to the guy next to me, “mate do ya reckon you could sneak me in?” So we both gave it a red hot shot, but I failed miserably, and I was caught by the bouncer... after trying to explain my case to him, he had no sympathy for me and said that I was going to have to pay...

So I thought to myself ‘This joke isn’t over yet!’ So I lined up in another queue and started to get chatty with a girl, when it was her turn to pay, she paid for herself and then took me by the arm and we walked in super casual! I WAS IN! But its not over yet!

After walking around the place for about 10 minutes I realised that this club is terrible... underage people and terrible music... You have got to be joking! People actually pay to enter this rubbish! Not to worry, I went up to he bar to get a drink and again there were rows of people waiting so I leant over the bar and poured myself a drink... I got away with it the first time, but when I went back for seconds, the bar tender spotted me... so I legged it and hid hanging out with some other guys who bought some shots... eventually the bouncer spotted me and said “Right mate, its time for you to leave” I replied “that’s fair enough pal, I've been stealing drinks all night” He laughed, so I took a photo of him, quite amusing actually.

For the next few days it involved us doing nothing, apart from chatting, keeping warm and knocking back some beers...

On the Saturday night, I crashed on Matt’s (my couch surfers) sister comfy floor, the funny thing was that I had the spare key that Matt’s housemate (Chris) normally has... so when Chris arrived back to his home in Aberdeen, he couldn’t get home, so he tried to brake in without causing to much damage... Instead he ended up ripping half the frame off his window and then breaking the window... so he didn’t really succeed in breaking in successfully!

But, all in all the weekend was a success I had fun, the boys had fun, I didn’t really see much of Aberdeen but what I did see was O.K... it wasn’t great but in reality it was just a nice city with nice buildings that was close to the pretty beach!

Next Stop! Edinburgh!

Be Prepared!

The Bouncer That Kicked Me Out!

The beautiful river that runs into the Ocean!

Artistic Shot!

The wonders of 'Self-Timer' on my camera!



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