Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Loch Ness Monster Is A Jerk...


1751 (local time)

Well my trip to visit the Loch Ness monster failed today...

I thought I had everything planned, I had sent the Loch Ness numerous emails letting him know what time and where I was going, so I booked my bus and headed out... As soon as I hopped off the bus, it started raining! Pretty standard for me and this country...

So I took some photos and waited around for the monster but still no avail.

I would have happily have gone home then but the next bus wasn’t until 6 and I arrived there at about 3.30pm so I had about 2.5 hours to wait for the next bus... So I set up a plan for myself... I was going to drink at every pub I walked past until my bus arrived in the closest town Drumnadrochit.

So the first one I started at was a nice little pub, where it was run by a family business. I was speaking to the girl there who wants to work in the pub for the rest of her life... weird, so I slammed down my drink and started walking to find my new pub of choice.

So I went down a little side street and waited in the pub for a while to be served... no one was around so I thought I may as well serve myself. So I walked behind the bar and poured myself a nice beer of Carlsberg... actually it wasn’t the best beer I've poured to much head...

Eventually the lady came out and I paid the woman, pretty much as soon as I got onto the main road I spotted a bus, flagged it down and was heading back home to Inverness!

It was a... strange day! But interesting!

The Loch... but no Monster!

A nice house in the country side!

The first pub...

The Second Pub, where i poured my own beer!

That's the second pub... terrible photo!

The End!

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