Friday, July 24, 2009

The All Nighter!!! Thanks And Good Night!


0527 (local time)

Aw mate! Right now I'm pretty much writing this blog to make sure I stay awake! I have been drinking since 6 o clock (in the evening)! And it is currently 527 in the morning I'm absolutely hammered! I think I've been caught for chucking at least 4 times over the night so I'm feeling fairly average!

‘Well Steve-o why dont you just go to bed and sleep it off’ well id like to, but if that happened I'm pretty sure that I would fall asleep and miss my bus that I'm catching at 700 in the morning. Yep that’s right, I'm catching the bus in about 1.30 minutes!

So the plan was, do an all nighter, and just sleep in the journey! Its going to be a battle but I think I'm up to it.

I've had an awesome but sad night! There has been a lot of good byes! And I’ll be missing a lot of really cool people!

As I write this message, I'm currently freezing my arse off on the balcony, but I need to tough it out for another 30 minutes as I await 6 o clock because then, ill be having a shower, brushing my teeth and having some corn flakes with milk... not exactly in that order! I'm worried that I may be caught for chucking on the bus, but I've been drinking plenty of water so I think ill be’ a ok!’

Alright... well I'm now continuing this message at 1627 in the afternoon now, I think I have now completely sobered up!... I hope!

Give you a little top tip, the best way to avoid a hangover, is to just not go to sleep! Its worked pretty well for me.

The 6 hour bus trip from Lefkada to Athens happened super quick as I was asleep most of the time, it was a pretty easy journey so far, but I'm slightly worried, as I have just weighed my bag and I am 1 kilogram over the limit, so I think ill be putting a few clothes on before I check in!

Alright, the other bit of big news is that, I was meant to only be staying in England for like 2 nights, and then getting on a plane to Egypt! Well that plan went down hill when I went to book my ‘cheap’ tickets and they were sold out... so it looks as if ill be staying in England for an entire week, and flying out of England next Sunday!

I was pretty frustrated about the whole situation, because I have never really wanted to go to England, but now I think its going to be quite cool. Ash, one of the guys that works on the bar at Club Vass, is coming home early, so ill be hanging out with him for a week, and he’s going to look after me and take me around London, which will be awesome.

Loads of people have offered up their house for me to stay, so we will see how that goes for me.

But I think that’s it for this blog! Its been absolutely epic my time in Vassiliki. I just do a bit of a summary:

· Met tons and tons of cool people and made some lifelong friends

· Learn some cool new tricks for windsurfing

· Made some unreal contacts

· Enjoyed my 21st in Vassiliki

· Sailed in probably the most amazing place in Europe

· Washed my hair only 4 times whilst being here!

· My hair has almost turned blonde

· I'm a Start Windsurfing and Intermediate Planing Instructor

· Hooked myself some work over in Dahab, Egypt.

Anyway, that’s it from me!

Next time you will hear from me will be in England I think! BRING IT ON! ANARCHY IN THE UK!

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  1. Stephen, I have told you all your adult life about sleep causing hangovers - you just don't listen.

    Great reading and lots of fun - make sure to get your UK VISA while you are there. Maybe you can try and get to the cricket.

    Enjoy the warm beer and chuck a few more down.

    Cheers mate