Sunday, July 12, 2009



1335 (local time)

“THRILLER IN THE NIGHT!!!” Absolute Classic! For the Friday night entertainment that they do every week at Club Vass, I had to dress up in a ripped t-shirt and put a whole lot of face paint on a myself and 5 others had a to be the zombies whilst Ed (beach staff) was Michael Jackson as we danced to the song of Thriller!

I don’t have any footage of the actual dance, but I do have a few photos of what I looked like!

The performance went awesomely!!! In only a few hours of practice we had 2 minutes of the song done and looking stylish.

The other acts of the night were: the one hit wonder, lesbian band, Tatu-Everything She Said, which involved Max and Chris dressing up as little school girls stuck behind a cage with us squirting water at them whilst they danced provocatively in front of everyone. The other act was the Ketchup Song, where 3 dudes did the dance and looked ridiculous.

So overall it was a good night! Except I was absolutely buggered, because of such a massive week!!!

Unfortunately today Jamie the chef that I'm living with is going home and another one of my good friends Ally has gone home today as well, so it puts a bit of a dampener on the week a bit! So I wish them well and hope that they have a safe trip home! Hopefully ill catch up with them some time in the near future!

Well that’s it for me today!

Till next time!



All Zombie'd up!


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  1. Happy Birthday to you Stephen - all the best for your 21st - Hope you have a great night.
    We're both enjoying reading 'bout the Epic Adventure. LOL HnJ xxxx