Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost An Illegal Immigrant!!


2133 (local time)

Man... I’ve had a mega stressful week! I have just realised that I can only stay in Greece for another 20 or so days! So I’m currently in the midst of organising my flights to Dahab, Egypt to continue this epic windsurfing adventure because im having too much fun.

It sucks leaving all my mates that I have met over here, because we have formed a really good relationship with all the guys there.

There have been Australians that have been out here before and when their visa runs out, then fly to another country and ultimately get the visa restarted. But there is this rule that disallows this... its called the Schengen rule, and what it means is that I'm not allowed in any of these Schengen countries for more than 90 days every 180 days. So I’m allowed to be there for 90 days, then I must leave for 90 days. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is.

So im in the transition of finding flights, and chatting to all the guys around here to see if they can hook me up over in Dahab!

Cant wait till I get over there to check it all out!



  1. Aw man, that sucks, sorry to hear that as it sounds like you have been having a blast in least you will get to spend your 21st with your friends in Vass before you have to move on....and then I'm sure that there will be many more adventures ahead of you in Dahab!!!

  2. Just think what havoc you can cause there!! Jess was telling us how all the old mommas love. LOL

    Will you have any work there or do you have to find it yourself? At least you may not have to put up with all the Poms now. Let us know your plans