Friday, July 3, 2009

Super Windy Week In Vass!! Youngie You Beauty!


2125 (local time)

What a full on week! There has been wind every single day!!! Its been so hectic and tiring!!

But more importantly! One of my mates that I travelled with in Turkey came to see me! That’s right! Youngie came from Athens to Vassiliki to see me for a couple of days! I had an absolute ball with him! Although we couldn’t hang out all the time, because I had to work! It was still awesome to hang out with another Aussie again! So yeh! Thanks dude for coming down! Really Appreciated!

Righteo back to windsurfing, know I already can hear a ‘sigh’ of “Why does he keep going on about it” and then I can see most of you go to hit the close button because we have had enough about windsurfing... but this is a bit of a story/race thing... anyway. I’ve had a ball, trying my hardest to nail some more super cool windsurf tricks! Today, there was no wind until about 4pm, then all of a sudden, the cross shore kicked in, and it turned into 4.2 weather! Absolutely having a ball!!

When I went sailing, there was an organised race that occurs every Friday called the “Master Blaster Session” So all the intermediate and advanced riders plus most of the instructors line up to race. I had all my gear together which was all freestyle, muck around kit but I thought, screw it ill enter for the fun of it. All the other dudes are on super fast race kit, but I was going to give them a run for their money!

So as the boat drove past, it was go go go!!! I had an awesome start and I was coming second with loads of power, but eventually all the other guys with bigger faster kit started overtaking me! Luckilly it was only the instructors that over took me!

We all gybed around the boat and headed back to shore! I was flying even did a cheeky little jump on the way home! I came around 6th I think! With only 1 client beating me! So I was pretty happy with that.

I had a few minutes left of my 40 minute session, so I thought I would try some forward loops! My first attempt was awesome! Nearly a full rotation landed on my back in the water, and water started out of it!

The rest of my session that’s all I was trying! Forwards! Ill get them eventually!

Anyway, the Club Vass BBQ is on tonight so I better head down there!

I wont be having a huge night, because I want to listen to a footy game tomorrow!


Anyway! Take it easy fellas!

PS: A few people have wondered what my address is at Club Vass! So here it is!

Steve Flack

Club Vassiliki Hotel



TK 31082


This isnt me, but World 16# Andy 'Bubble' Chambers Mid Shaka! Looks sick ey!

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