Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alexandria, Done and Dusted!


2000 (local time)

Well, after spending 2 nights in Alexandria with Matt from Melbourne, I think there really wasn’t that much else to see. It was cool seeing the library that came out of the ground like a sun but unfortunately we couldn’t go in, because we missed it by a few minutes... bloody Ramadan, we also visited a fantastic museum where we saw some fantastic relics from Alexandria when it was being taken over by the Greeks. After the visiting the library we caught a mini bus for a half Egyptian pound with all the locals to the Fort, which was also closed, but we got some good photos of it and all the local fishermen. Happy Days!

That night was rather exciting, Matt and I played backgammon, smoked Shisha and drank Egyptian Tea with all the locals, which was a fantastic experience.

We got to bed rather early, because the next couple of days were going to be non-stop travel. As I was going from Alexandria to Cairo, so I could get a Youth Travel Card and then from Cairo, catch an overnight bus too Dahab so I can meet up with Greg and Anna from Sydney who I will be travelling with around Jordan and Syria.

See how it goes!

Take care all!

Love Steve

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