Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Battle that was the Border Crossing, Jordan to Syria in 12 Hours!


1042 (local time)

Far Out! Yesterday Was CRAZY!

Some of the main events that happened! Trying to enter the near impossible Syrian border!

· Having Breakfast and Greg getting 2 eggs that were rubbish! ‘this may have been a sign?’

· Realising our waters were stolen from the public fridge

· Arriving at the bus depot to be told we had to go to ANOTHER bus station to take us close to the border... Lies!

· Getting to the other bus depot getting ripped off by the cab, then Robo-cop sorting out the situation and we got 2 JD back. Happy Days!

· We were then told we had to go back to the first bus depot.

· Our taxi driver asking every company if they will take us to Syria...

· No one would take us for under $100JD when it should only be about $40JD... too lazy!

· Eventually we found a bus company that was going, but leaving at 10.30pm at night.

· But instead, we rang our hotel and organised a car to come and collect us for $40JD

· Arriving at the border and being totally harassed by all the taxi’s there.

· Speaking to the border policemen who we convinced that we could just hop in a random persons car aka HITCH-HIKE

· Arriving at the border which we thought was the Entry to Syria, in fact it was the Exit to Jordan.

· Hitch-hiking again to the ACTUAL Syrian border!

· Waiting in line, and finally being served by the Syrian Border Control

· Being told that the Visa costs $100AUD... Too much money!

· Attempting to pay for the Visa, but being told you can only pay in Australian Dollars or American Dollars... which we didn’t have!

· Finding an ATM machine to withdraw some money

· Realising that all the ATM machines are broken or out of order... GREAT!

· Going to Duty Free shop and exchanging Euros for American Dollars

· Flirting with all the girls there...

· Going back to pay for Visa, and only taking 10 minutes

· Looking for a way into Damascus (Capital of Syria)

· Finding a man that would take us for free in his (get this) VY SS Holden Commodore

· Getting told by a stranger listening to the man that would take us that ‘we should get another car, because he was saying something about the girl (Anna)

· Pissing off that idea, and going back to the Duty Free guys!

· Scoring a lift from one of the people that works there, that would take us to Damascus! What a legend!

· Anna getting car sick and throwing up, outside of the brand new car...

· Eventually finding a hotel, because all were booked out. Hotel cost 1500 Syrian Pound ($37AUD)

· Sleeping!

The End!

Obviously taking photos weren’t really on our to-do list! But this is what I got!

In the Cab ride on the way to the Syrian Exit border!

Good Bye AsSerhan... Not sure what that is!?

Loading the gear into the 2nd hitch-hiker's car!

Look at the Commodore in the background!

These are the boys that we hitch-hiked off... we think they are gay!

Looking At the Syrian Entry border!

The boys and Anna, just not the pants and T-Shirt that im wearing... #1 Shirt isnt mine! #2 bought the pants in Egypt! SMART EY!

After Anna got her make-up done... Pretty white ey!

The place where Anna threw up!

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  1. mate, u shoulda rode in style in the commo, if only it were purple...