Thursday, September 24, 2009

Needed some Rum in Wadi-Rum, Jordan


2000 (local time)

Greg and I just (nearly) finished our walk from town to camp. We told the tour guys that we wanted to walk, instead of just getting in the car. So he said all you need to do is walk toward that hill with the slope and the camp will just be to the left of that. It was a 12 kilometre walk that should take under 3 hours (probably an easy walk for mum) BUT you need to consider what sort of environment we are walking in here. It is in the Desert in Wadi Rum, Jordan in about 40 degree dry-heat. Greg and I were wearing pretty suitable attire of boardies and a singlet, with a bottle of water each we set off.

We were eventually found walking in the wrong direction. The tour guide wasn’t impressed...

Come to think about it now, we could have died, because when the tour guide picked us up, it was getting dark quickly, and we were walking in totally wrong direction. Pretty crazy stuff, but what we realised is that we were walking in totally the wrong direction because the tour guide gave us rubbish directions. He said go left at the rock, when in fact we should have gone right! And really under the circumstances we shouldn’t have gone anyway, because by the time we left to go on the walk it was already 4 o’clock and if the walk took 3 hours we wouldn’t have gotten in until at LEAST 7... so it was a flawed plan to start off with. But we had some fantastic chat, and we will be making a movie about our epic adventures!

Stay Tuned!

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