Saturday, September 26, 2009

Petra-Fied in Petra!


2000 (local time)

Petra-fied In Petra

‘Had a good sleep that night, because tomorrow we were going to smash out a full day in Petra, from 8 till whenever.’

We didn’t get up until 8. By the time we got to ‘The Ancient City’ it was 10. This time, we didn’t want to walk through ‘the Sic’ to get to the Monastery (which is the main thing to see in Petra). Instead we walked though the old dam and where the water would have flowed through the city. This walk involved a bit of trekking and climbing. Although it took longer, it was a lot more fun and adventurous.

We made it through the ‘Damn Walk’ (get it, joke... sorry) and then continued to make our way to the Monastery.

The walk to the Monastery was at least a 40minute walk if you pushed hard. Unfortunately when we started our walk it was about 1245 going 1, so in the peak heat of the Jordanian sun. To add to our troubles, we were running very short on water, and all of us were starting to feel the onset of dehydration.

We eventually made it up to the Monastery, had some of our packed lunch in a cave that we found, overlooking the Monastery.

Once lunch was finished we walked to a higher peak so you get a perspective of where we were, the view was stunning!

After we saw all that was needed to be seen, we then had to walk all the way down the steps back to where we started from. My highlight from the walk down, was seeing the first attractive girl in Jordan.

We made it too the bottom and then with no water, walked all the way through ‘the Sic’ back to the exit.

By the time we made it back to our Hostel it was pushing 5.30pm. So we had been there for over 7 hours! Massive day really!

There were a few events that were worth mentioning.

1. Getting in a fight with one of the guys that rents the donkey. Ill explain the situation before you judge me. This bloke rocks up on his donkey, gets off it and then whips the donkey across its face. Myself and Greg both reacted to this unnecessary act by saying “Eyy”. The bloke then starts going on about, how their are people dying in Iraq, and that if your worried about a donkey being whipped, there must be something wrong with us. Greg and I had no clue what he was going on about. Anyway, so situation was over. When then saw this guy again, near some more donkeys on our was to the stairs leading up to the Monastery. He saw us, then preceded to whip another donkey for no reason. We just blatantly looked at him and uttered under our breath “What a Wanker” Then... on our way back down the steps from the Monastery we saw him again, he mumbled something and then said quite loudly “(blah blah) TERRORIST” we can only assume that he said it loud so that other people thought we called him a Terrorist... this was one of the few blokes who we thought was a generally shit person.

2. Another event that was quite amusing was finding out how much the Donkey, Mules, Horses and Camels cost to buy.

3. And the final event that was funny, was that night, when we left our hostel to look for some food, we were attacked by young kids with play cap guns! It was funny, as we pretended to die. The kids loved it!

So in the end, Petra was a beautiful city, but of course it was a typical tourist town which means that everything was way more expensive that it should be.

That’s it really, 2 full days in Petra! Now to Amman!

PS: ** BECAUSE IM IN SYRIA, I AM UNABLE TO PUT UP PICTURES, CHECK FACEBOOK ETC! So when i get the opportunity ill put the photos up!


I feel quite small!

Just looking out into Distance...

The Treasurey where Indiana Jones was Filmed!

Yeh we went there! It was quite... dangerous!

But i could handle the danger!

Is anybody out there...

The Monastery... amazing ey!

The Monastery! We Endured a Massive Trek to get there!

This is FIGJAM'S Energy Food!

How amazing is that...

The Jordanian Flag! overlooking the Monastery!

Looking up at the Monastery!

Peace out!

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  1. So I feel like I am totally hogging all the comments on your blog but oh well whatever! :)
    Sorry I missed your call AGAIN. haha never is however good to hear from your voicemail that you havent lost that trademark aussie accent!!
    Vacation Care is AWESOME. Survived the first excursion as supervisor - didnt lose any kids. SUCCESS.

    Anyhoo, keep having fun living it up!

    Take care xo