Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cairo to Alexandria and the Story In Between!


1755 (local time)

Oh My God... I just probably had the MOST hectic time of my life! Ill start it off in the morning, the end of my tour. I woke up at 6am in the morning so I could see my group off and give them all a hug and safe travels etc etc. Then I went back to sleep for another 3 hours which was fine. I then made my way to Down town Cairo paying 5LE for a cab (which is about $1AUD) so it was no worry. I dumped my bags at the Australian Hostel in Downtown Cairo where I spent my time in last time I was in Cairo. I had a few things on my mind that day, that including that I had to go down to the Visa office in Cairo so I can get a re-entry visa into Egypt I also had to go and find the Olympus Shop in Cairo too see if my camera had been repaired. Knowing that the Olympus shop doesn’t open until 1030 I made my trip to the Visa office, which is opposite the Egyptian Museum! I eventually found the building and made my way up the many flights of stairs, endured the many hundreds of Egyptians that were packed into this building. I (attempted) to speak to a lady that spoke pretty much NO English (which is fair enough) and came to the conclusion that I had to pick my passport up from the office at 2pm. I tried getting a form that said that they had my passport but was unable to get one!

Right, so know I had to find the Olympus dealer in Cairo, I had found them once before but I remember that is was VERY hard.

So I went to the local travel agent and got them to call the Olympus place so that they can tell the travel agent people where it is, so she can write it in Arabic in case I get lost and need to show people. (I hope that makes sense, so at the end, I had a sheet of paper stating where this building was in Arabic and in English! “HAPPY DAYS”

O.K so off I went walking around trying to find the building, after probably 40-60 minutes walking in thongs, I found it. Got my camera back, all fixed at no cost! Thank God for warranty!

By the time this was all finished it was about 12 o clock and I was starving, so I pulled outta my bag left-overs from the night before, which was a lovely pasta, rice and sauce dish that I bought at a take away joint in Cairo, nearly polished it off.

Now, I was just waiting for my time to pass until it was 2pm so I could pick up my passport.

My plan was then to catch a train at 1515 to Alexandria to enjoy the beach up there, so I left my hostel at 2pm ran all the way (still got the FIGJAM fitness) ran all the to the visa office got my visa and was back at the hostel, getting all my bags ready to leave the hostel. I was told the train station was 10 minutes away by taxi, so I eventually found a taxi that would take me there for 10LE and set off.

Right, so I left myself 15 minutes to get the train, which I thought was reasonable.

By the time I had got to the train station it was 4 o’clock. So I missed the train, no worries! Ill just get the next one, at 5.15pm.

So I waited around, until 5 went to get onto the train, and was told that I had missed it, the train actually departed at 5. Great! Luckily I had met another Australian that was in the same boat as me.

So we then asked around to get another ticket, but only paying 10LE to get it ‘extended’ to 6pm, so we could get the next train. It was a massive rush, but I was able to get on the train at 5.45pm! Awesome, so I'm sitting down writing this... experience, then I get the ticket man asking for my ticket. Firstly ill describe this man to you. FAT! About 5’8’’ FAT! Missing all his teeth apart for the one at the front! The reason why I know he’s missing all of his teeth, because he starts yelling/spitting and abusing me in Arabic and demanding that I pay him 55LE for another ticket. Luckily there are other really nice people on the same carriage as me, they have seen me walking around and have told this Fat Man my problem.

Then he starts yelling/spitting and abusing them. Everyone on the train is just telling me that it is O.K and that apparently he is a massive wanker!

Well that’s it... now Alexandra awaits me!

Take Care Guys!



  1. Omg that ticket man sounds HORRIBLE!!!

    I hope your adventures in Alexandra are as amazing as every other adventure so far.

    Be safe, and HAVE FUN :) xoxo

  2. Do you have photos of the Fat Controller??