Monday, May 11, 2009

Cappadocia to Olympus!



Alright, so we jumped on the bus and headed to Olympus! I had no idea about what to expect, as I planned on just rocking up and being like “wow, this is awesome”, because apparently you stay in ‘tree houses’ so we got on the bus at about 2230 at night, and Youngie, Karina and I, planned on taking some of my sleeping tablets to make the epic journey pass a little quicker.

So I got out the sleeping tablets and was all ready to go. Ok, we all got on the bus, and we were sitting down just chatting and laughing, we were all on a natural high because we were all stoked to be travelling with each other. After a good 30 minutes of laughing and carrying on, we were offered soft drink, so I down 2 cups of soft drink, and then after that they offered us coffee and I was all for that. We were all getting pretty bored of just watching Rambo with dodgy Turkish dubbed over it, so we thought we would pop the pills and get this trip over and done with. Me and Karina halved ours whilst Youngie did a whole.

15 minutes later none of us were in any mood to sleep… in fact we were all more excited after taking the pills. The funny thing was that, Jess, who didn’t take the pill was fast asleep, whilst the rest of us were ready to run a marathon!

For that whole trip, I didn’t sleep… oh, but when I was falling asleep, Karina spilt cold coffee all over me… Not cool!

After probably the longest bus trip ever, we arrived to Antayla, which we had a short stop over/change bus to go to Olympus.

Then after another 1.5 hours, we got off that bus, and had to get on an even smaller bus, that cost us 3.50YTL, which I think is the dodgiest deal ever, where the big bus company drops us off at a small little milk bar, with overpriced ice creams, and they make your wait for 40 minutes. Probably the dodgiest operation ever!

But eventually we made it to Olympus, we stayed at one of the most chilled out places ever called Barhams, where it was about 25YTL a night that included a buffet breakfast and dinner… Youngie and I went to town there!!! We definitely ate 25 Lira worth of food! Anyway, so the whole tree house situation, well I thought the houses were up in the trees, but I think their may have been a bit of a miscommunication… instead the houses are on stilts made out of tree! Still its pretty cool!

We hung out at Olympus for 3 nights, drank 2 out of those 3 nights and experienced 1 hangover! Good form I reckon.

So the plan if for the next day was to book a cruise from Olympus to Fethiye! See how that goes!

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