Monday, May 11, 2009

The Cruise!


The Cruise!

The four of us then, book a 3 night 4 day cruise from Olympus to Fethiye, cost us 300YTL. Pretty good deal I think. So we got on the boat, called a Gullet, its one of those modern old boats… The first day was very average, was blowing about 17-22knots with a freezing wind chill, that just cut through you. So the first day was super.

We woke up to a light breeze and a warm sun, and we were all ready to chill out.

For anyone that knows me, they would know that I can really only sit still for maximum 1.5 – 2 days. Well put me on a boat where I can explore for 3 nights and 4 days… and I start going insane!

We went to a load of different islands, that I really cant remember because they all blended into one.

The second last day was the best, we motored into a place called Oludeniz where apparently its meant to be the 4th best beach in the world… I honestly didn’t see what was so good about it, I still reckon Parky Beach is better, anyway, the reason I enjoyed this beach was:

1. The topless women scattered on the beach.

2. The epic 10metre rock jump!

Right from day one of the cruise, I had been psyching myself up for this massive feat, because before the trip, the highest I had ever jumped from a platform to water was off Mordy Pier, so I had to really get into the grove so I could jump it. From the boat, it didn’t look that high, but when ya got up there… Crikey!

Anyway, so I was the 2nd last to jump off, I climbed my way up the razor sharp rocks, steadied myself and jumped off… it felt as if I was in the air for a decade, the water was rushing toward me, so I clenched my balls and arse as hard as I could, and hit the water, pin drop style feet first!!! When I made it to the top of the water I let cry, “WOOOOO HOOOOOO, IM DOING THAT AGAIN, WOO HOO!!!” So I quickly swam back to the top, scrambled my way up the top, waited for 3 of us to get up there! And boosted off again!!

I ended up jumping off 3 times that day! I had to stop because my feet were starting to bruise up! Defiantly was the best fun of the cruise!

That night we anchored at St. Nicholas Island, where there were some Roman Ruins behind us, I didn’t go on the island, because you had to pay 8 Lira! No deal for me. I think I have seen enough ruins to last me a life time.

The tour ended the next day and I had a ball, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would walking around on the beach… But never mind it was definitely an awesome experience.

So the tour finished up in Fethiye, and we all said our goodbyes to everyone and wished them safe travel. I was quietly excited because I was glad to be back on land to do some more exploring.

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