Friday, May 1, 2009

Istanbul Tour D-2 "Im The God of Entertainment"

Day 2 of Tour
Today was mainly a driving day… Pretty boring! I was shattered as I left my good headphones in my bag, which was in the back of the bus… So my ears were killing me for the whole day. Not much really happened until we arrived to Bergama (I think) and I was buzzing with energy, we did all the tourist attractions, then we were given free time… I found this cave right near one of the theatres. I said, wow that looks dangerous, so typical me, had to see what was in there. It was pitch black dark, so I couldn’t see anything. The only light I had was the microsecond flash on my camera to guide me where to go. I let it off a few times, and realized that my battery was almost dead, so I just took my chances and went to step, and realized it was a huge puddle. I assumed the whole tunnel was full of water so I turned around to go back… slipped, went to grab hold of a wall, that wasn’t there, grazed my ankle in the dirty Turkish water, and drenched my foot in the water! I was heart broken! When I made it out of the cave, the skies opened up and it started pouring down with rain!
Wasn’t impressed, so when I got back on the bus, I took my shoes and socks off… then I think everyone on the bus wasn’t impressed with the stench of my shoes, feet and socks! Good Times!
After this we went on another epic bus ride too Pergamum, this was the location of Zeus Alter! Since there was no altar there, because I think its in a museum in Germany. Myself and a couple of Melbourne girls posed on it! I think we got Karma later though! Because it got really windy and cold!

After a bit of a walk, we ended up looking down on the steepest theatre in the Ancient world! It seats 10,000 people. It was amazing! And of course I had to go for a wander down there. It was mega cool look at everyone from the bottom! They looked tiny as! I could only imagine how awesome it would have been to perform in front of thousands of people. Not only was I walking down one of the steepest theatres in Turkey, but to the right of me, there was the god of Entertainment & Wine! If I were to be a god, it would either be the god of being awesome, or the god of entertainment, so this dude was right down my ally! What a mad dog!!

Once we got enough photos of me standing on where the statue once was, we had to trek back up the steepest theatre ever, to the Acropolis (in turkey) where we were sitting on where the columns used to sit. It was pretty awesome, just getting an idea of how big everything all was. Once the group had had enough fun looking at everything we got back on the bus, and prepared ourselves for our trip back to our hotel in Asos!
I had enough good sleep this night, it would have been better, if I didn’t have a mouse’s and a room smelling like sh*t. But that’s ok! I battled on! Because I knew that in 2 days id be sleeping on the cold wet grass of Anzac Cove!

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