Monday, May 4, 2009

The Neverland!

838 (local time)
What an amazing night I had last night. Currently I’m staying at a hostel called the “Neverland”, its only like 11 euro a night, and this place is so chilled back, its awesome. I’m pretty sure it’s a ‘hippy’ hangout, but I think that’s what gives it character. You get free coffee and tea, and a communal fridge, today whilst I was just chilling in the common room when I got chatty to an Australian couple for company. Anyway, after speaking for about 3 hours, a New Zealand couple walks in, and I casually ask ‘hey guys, where ya from’, we end up finding out that he is New Zealand and she is and American Turk.
Anyway, after getting through all the normal pleasantries of ‘where in NZ are you from’, ‘how long have you been in Turkey’, ‘do all New Zealanders f*ck sheep?’ we got chatting about how they met. Anyway, this story went for about 1.5 hours, and it was one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard.
These two people met, in Turkey, down south I believe, I think just past Bodrum, anyway after giving each other the eye for hours on end, he (Billy) is just walking around the room, and drops a load of glasses all over her. Anyway, that night they ended up getting really chatty, and one thing led to another but they were doing the ‘deed’ on the beach. At the time he was 26ish and I think was working behind the bar and she(Celyn) was 18 on a bit of a schoolies trip, so they two had hit it off and both agreed that they were to meet up for breakfast at 10ish. So they left the club and went their separate ways. So Celyn went back to her hotel, totally in love with this dude, anyway when she got home, she checked her plane ticket again and it had 0600 time for departure, she obviously didn’t read it correctly and just assumed that her plane was to leave at 6pm. But obviously she was meant to be leaving at 6am. So she packed her bags as soon as she could, and the bus was waiting for her outside. She was panicking because she didn’t want to stand Billy up, but she didn’t have his phone number, email or address so it was almost a no hope situation. She was stalling the bus, as she was going through her receipts to find a contact number, so she could call the bar they were at, or the breakfast place or even the hotel’s number. Anyway she ended up finding something and was able to be put through to the place Billy worked (which I think was the bar).
So somehow something happened, and they exchanged phone and emails, and were able to keep in contact for several months whilst each of them were in different countries. Anyway, this was kept up for several months with long letters and poetry being exchanged from one another, Celyn had had enough, and grabbed her passport a small pack and left Turkey, to chase after Billy who was in London. Just keep in mind here that Celyn was still around 18 and is attending a pretty good university, and was a very sheltered girl, because her parents were quite controlling of her life. So off she went, chasing the love of her life.
Celyn then arrived in London, with nothing but a small amount of money, a pack of clothes, a passport and the number of where Billy was staying. So she then finds the closest payphone and calls him. A woman answers the phone, and Celyn asks where Billy is. The woman on the phone then recognizes who is calling because obviously Billy has been talking about Celyn. Anyway, this mystery woman on the phone tells Celyn that Billy has died. This has shocked her life and now, everything that she has planned has just been blown to smithereens. The man that she ‘loved’ has apparently ‘died’
By the way, if you’re struggling to keep up with the story, I don’t blame ya, as I was struggling to keep up with the whole thing.
Alright… So Billy has apparently died and Celyn doesn’t know what she is going to do with her life, so she has just enough money to go home back to Turkey, and try to sort her shit out. After a few months of grieving she makes a call to a United States paper in L.A (I think the L.A Times) and says to them ‘I want to work for you company, ill go anywhere, ill do anything just get me as far away from my problems as possible’ So the L.A Times sent her off to be a War Journalist, in all the countries that are experiencing turmoil; Iran; Iraq etc etc
Anyway, during this work dozens of times she was held at gun point, and Billy didn’t know what was going on, because no longer Celyn was replying to her emails because she was unable to retrieve her emails from her computer back home, and because she was reporting overseas her name wasn’t being used, so therefore Billy thought she was just ‘another’ 18 year old fling, that just happened in the moment.
Anyway, many of years past since they had last spoken… and Celyn thought Billy had died.
So, on a warm summers evening Billy was having a bit of a night out in a pub in New Zealand, where he was feeling pretty average after only 2 drinks, so he hopped in his car and went to drive home. So he started his car, and passed out on the steering wheel, soon after he passed out, his work van overheated and caught on fire, letting hundred liters of smoke into his car, almost suffocating him. Luckily one of Billy’s old football mates saw the car one fire, and got him out of the car seconds before death.
Whilst this is happening Celyn has come home typing on her computer back in Turkey, and starts feeling quite ill, and she realizes something is wrong. She says to her parents “Billy is hurt” obviously her parents think she is quite ill, and really not coping well with the grieving process.
Right, so recap… Billy met Celyn at a club, then unfortunately Celyn had to jump on a plane, and not meet Billy for breakfast… Anyway, then Celyn was told that Billy died, so Celyn flew overseas to become a war journalist and never spoke to one another for 11 years, then all of a sudden Celyn gets a feeling that Billy is alive and is hurting.
Then, because of the wonders of Facebook, Celyn looks up Billy and finds him, and after numerous phone calls and emails, they are now living together in Turkey, trying to figure out what happened in the 11 years that they were separated.
Honestly I think its pretty amazing, and it kinda proves the point that ‘some things happen for a reason’.
So I suppose the question on everyone’s lips is, who was that girl that told Celyn that Billy had died. Well she turned out to be Billy’s wife, where they had 3 children, but it turned ugly and unfortunately they got divorced, and now she has all the money and everything sucks between them.
So now, Billy and Celyn are getting married in the near future, and are releasing a book in the near future about their life story.
Anyway, that was huge!!!
Had an awesome day today, bought an Everton jerseys so I am now a proper European!

Go Everton!!!

Peace out dudes and dudettes!
'may the force be with you'

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