Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vassiliki Windsurf 23/5


1953 (local time)

Sailed from 1500 to 1815

Winds: 15-25 SUPER GUSTY!

Water: Fresh… bit cooler today. Really confused seas, different chop coming from different directions

Kit: Tabou Freestyle 100ltr (early) Tabou Freestyle 90ltr (rest of day) Tried the new modified chode fin today, it did ok, needs a bit more taken off it. Gastra Manic 4.7. Fantastic sail! Really light in your hands, handles gusts well.

The Day

Today started off terrible, wasn’t really in the zone to go windsurfing, but I am committed to nailing this Vulcan. My firsts attempts were on the Tabou 100ltr board, and weren’t very successful. After a bit of a break, I came in had a bit of a break, and changed board to a 90ltr. I was getting closer and closer every time. Today, I had the most successful attempts ever, I have realized that I need to really slingshot my way over and around the board by using my back hand, and keeping my back leg bent, and staying over the board.

So, after having a few good chats with the top guys like Oli, Colin and Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, I did another session.

I was getting the all dialed in, I tried my second last one, I popped, really concentrated on releasing my back hand, the board spun and I was sliding backwards, I knew I had to get my hands organized for the rig flip. I had the rig, I was in an awkward position, but I had everything sorted, I sheeted on, but was too early, and I just got pulled in. I reckon I pretty much landed it! YOU BEAUTY!

Anyway, cant wait for tomorrow to get them properly nailed! Its only a matter of time.

Take care, brush your hair!


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  1. Yeah great - now tell us some news about the place!!