Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dream Awaits!


1825 (local time)

Woo Hoo! I have finally made it too Vass!

Youngie and I left Bodrum on the 14th at 1000 in the morning to catch a ferry to Kos. We then had to wait until 2005 until a ferry left from Kos to head to Athens.

So we sussed out the local travel agent, we walked in and asked, was there a ferry going to Athens today. I already knew there was one, but just wasn’t sure what other islands it stopped at. Anyway, we found out that it stopped at 3-4 different stops before it got to Athens. So we made sure she wrote it all down, and said “oh, we will be back”.

So 200metres down the street, we found another Travel Agent, we walked in and said “We want a ferry ticket to Leros”, which was the first place the ferry stopped. The reason I am doing this, is that if you buy a ticket to the first island, they don’t check your ticket again, so you can ultimately get a free trip to any destination.

So Youngie and I bought 2 tickets going to Leros for 11euro each, and if I had bought it to go to Athens, it would have been 45.50euro… How dodgy!

So we both stacked up on food and got on the ferry at 2005.

Youngie was planning on getting off at Syros to head to Mykonos! Whilst I was heading straight through to Athens.

The ferry arrived at Athens at 600 in the morning, where I jumped off, had to catch a free transport bus to the front of the port, and then had to get on the metro, to take me to central Athens. When I arrived, the first thing I did, was walk back to my old hostel, to ditch my bags and get on the net to look up the bus timetable. Right, so the bus to Lefkada leaves at 1300, so I must make sure I’m at the bus station by at least 1200. Then I had to find out, where the bus station was… I then realized that it was 4.5km away… and lets be honest, carrying a bag through streets you don’t know for 4.5km wasn’t such a good idea. So Then… I had to find a way to get to the bus station, luckily there was a bus that took me all the way there for 1euro! Fantastic, so I got all my stuff together, walked to the bus station, and then caught the bus, that took me to the bus terminal!

I bought my ticket at the bus station, and 6 hours later I had arrived at Lefkada. I then realized that Lefkada was no where near Vassiliki. So I had to catch another bus, that took me to Lefkada, this bus was only for 1hour. Which wasn’t nearly as bad as the 6 hour bus I had to catch from Athens to Lefkada.

I don’t think the bus ticket man, liked me very much, because he put me in the back middle seat! So I was sitting next to a guy that stunk, and was sitting more on my seat than his, and on my right was a big unit that kept on falling asleep on my shoulder, so every time he did I’d give him a bit of a hip and shoulder to show him whose boss! Jess and Leanne this is what you have to look forward too!!! All I can say is… Book your ticket early!

But… I have now made it to Vass. Today I hung out with all the Club Vass boys who are super cool, and we were talking about windsurfing the whole time! It was awesome!

Not much wind at the moment, but its meant to pick up and build this week! Cant wait to get out and start busting some moves!

Pictures and more blogs coming soon!

Chat later!


PS: The moves to conquer are:

· Flat Water Forward

· Vulcan

· Spock

· Flakka

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