Thursday, April 30, 2009

Istanbul Tour "Im Australias Next Top Model"


1445 (local time)

Day 1 of Tour

Today the tour started. With the sick as girls from Australia (they told me to say that) Karina and Alana. We left our Penthouse in Kusadasi and headed off to Ephesus to have a look at all the ruins there. We saw Theatre, Gymnasiums, the baths and the library. I really couldn’t understand what our tour guide was saying, and there wasn’t enough times to read the boards to see what I was looking at. So this didn’t mean as much to me as the Greek history that I saw the other week. What did impress me was the size of the library and that there was also a brothel just opposite it. The guide told us a story that she said was a bit of a joke among tour guides, she said “Because the library and the brothel was so close together, the men built secret tunnels underground, so that when the men said that they were going to the ‘library’ in fact they were secretly going to the brothel” the ground found this pretty amusing.

After we left Ephesus, we went on a bit of a shopping trip, and we had a look at the diamond/jewelry shop. Because there were only 2 dudes on the bus, we were kinda forced to go. So we pretty just wander around, getting free apple tea, I asked one of the workers (who ended up being the owner) whats the most expensive ring in the shop. He brought me to a counter, opened it and pulled out a massive rock. He said it cost around 13,000euro! That’s pretty huge! I offered him 20 Lira, I didn’t really go down to well… We left after that.

From then, we drove a further 15 minutes down the road, where we arrived at a leather factory. This was pretty cool, we walked in, into this darkly lit room, where we were told to sit down. All of a sudden some cheesy 80’s groove music chimes in, and the room is lit up by several lights. Pretty slick looking dudes are strutting their stuff down the cat walk, in some smart looking leather jackets. Then following the guys the girls came down, these girls kinda… they made my day.

(I might just add here, I had all the girls sussed out by the first walk, there were 2 blondes that were sisters, there was a hot one with amazing eyes, and a not so hot one she was the ugly one of the sisters. There was also a brunette, I just thought I would throw that in.)

They were doing their thing coming down the catwalk, they would turn look at me and wink. I don’t blame them for doing that, because I am ridiculously attractive. Anyway, they did this a few times, and then the brunette took my hand (she really wasn’t that hot, but wouldn’t kick her outta bed if she farted) and also grab Alana and took us into the back room, where they took off my… jacket and gave me a pretty disgraceful black leather jacket. The dude gave Alana some dead ugly red coat thing with fluff, and they headed off first down the cat walk. I followed the brunette, totally strutting my stuff. We then did the turn and headed back. Into the back room, I then took Alana’s arm, and we headed down the cat walk. We did the spin, and did our ‘Thi-ang’ We then bowed to the audience of 6 people.

After the cat walk finished the owner offered me a job, which was pretty cool, and we had a look through his shop. We hung around for 20 minutes and then hopped on the bus and had lunch.

After lunch we then went to the carpet making factory. Look I know that nobody could even imagine me sitting through, some bloke talk about carpet, but I was genuinely interested. I even helped a lady make some carpet. I firstly tried to make carpet using cotton, and then once I had done a few stitches, I was upgraded to the silk carpet, that was totally different the threads were so small, I couldn’t even select a thread to use. Anyway, we all headed home back to the penthouse; we were all wasted after our epic adventure.

We had a good night sleep this day!!!

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