Thursday, April 16, 2009

Attempting to Party in Ios!

2058 (local time)
Just got back from a wander around Ios, and I can already see the potential of the place, when its in the prime season. There are pubs and clubs everywhere its awesome. I wandered around for probably 1.5 hours and also played a game of basketball with the local dudes! Pretty awesome stuff, there are teenagers letting off these bomb/fire cracker things and scaring the shit out of everyone! But apparently its normal leading up too Easter.
I’m a little worried about whats going to happen in Easter, and where ill be because appararntly everything gets super expensive. I might still be in Ios, or Naxos or Paros or maybe even Santorini… who knows!
Take it easy!!


  1. Steve you goose easter has already happened! FYI - you need to get to Vass if you want to win the bet.... I am progressing

  2. Figjam

    LC here just a quick note from some people who have to work!!!
    Remember to barter and also say you will check out other accom, as the Greeks will always do a shifty & you can bargain between places, remember Naxos was a good windsurfing place, we stayed there 5 nghts, I think it is the Naxos sports Centre for W/S. Lucky with the bike, a friend of Tony's had to flee the island when he had a smash. Sounds like you are chatting up plenty of the female company, remember LC is checking!!!!!!! Take Care LC & Tone (playing golf)

  3. Figjam

    Also if you get a chance go to Santorini, beautiful island, also romantic when the sun sets on one side of the island. Great place.


  4. hey steve! i finally succumbed to getting an account so i can comment on your lovely blog! my mum has been reading it religiously and spends most of her day telling me what you've been doing haha. it sounds like you're having a rad time, eeee i can't wait to join you! we must party like rockstars. see you sooon. love love love jess xx

  5. Funny stuff mate! I can see you getting yourself into trouble and talking your way out of it a lot on this trip.

    There'll be a trail of broken hearts (or elbows) in your wake! You've got to be itching for a windsurf by now - been some good conditions over here but it's starting to feel like the doldrums are approaching.

    If you go to Santorini make sure you walk the Caldera from Thira to Oia - Great walk and AWESOME views!