Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cheating IOS!

1736 (local time)

Today I bought a ticket to Paros, because I was planning on getting off to travel with some more aussies, but when I found out that this ferry was headed to Ios and Santorini, I was not getting off at Paros, but did the dodgy and stayed on the ferry and got off at Ios. Where I’m currently staying in a cool place with a fridge for 3 nights with only 10 euro a night!!! It’s a bargain. Super stoked with that one. Anyway ill go for a bit of a walk now to try to meet some people!
Peace Steve

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  1. Sounds gr8 mate , good to c u hav got on to the old ferry scam , jumpin Islands , everyones into it eh !! They r so slack the greeks >> Good to hear u,v had a bike stack lucky the local guy didnt try to really sting u on thatone , as it happened to a mate of mine.. Hav u got any w,surfs in yet ?? When i was there i did 5 days sailin on Naxos which was epic !! Good sports surf club set up there !! sounds like u r meetin heaps of people & havin a blast , ur dad sent us through details of trip to Gallipoli, sounds awesome .. Real good article on that part of Turkey in Sun . Herald Sun Travel sectn if u can get it on line !! Thats all 4 now mate talk soon EB !