Monday, April 6, 2009

The Brazillian!

1431 (local time)
Woo Hoo! Having a pretty cool time, just wandering around Athens with 13.70 Euro in my pocket, I’ve gone down heaps of little ally ways, seen so many different people. Its pretty awesome being totally out of your element, and just walking around checking everything out. The main things im looking out for, are joints with cheap food! Cos im almost ALWAYS hungry, and when im hungry I get grumpy!

The two dudes I spoke about earlier that are on a huge cycling tour, is this guy from Brazil, who is cycling from Brazil for 3 years. He left Brazil on the 8/8/08 and wants to be back in Brazil on the 8/8/11. Its so interesting listening to what he says, about all the different places he has visited, check out his website to see what its all about Its funny cause I thought I was away for a long time. So with him, his dad has joined him for a bit, and his sister has also come down for a bit.

I just did my first bit of shopping in a market super close to the hostel, I bought 1 kilo of Apples for 69 cents (euro) and 1 kilo of bananas for 0.99 cents (euro) apparently it’s a ok price, I really have no idea.

The family is going to go tour around Athens later, and I have just scored my invite to go… not too sure if I’m completely welcome or they wanted me to go, but the sister invited me so I’m happy.

With the average internet that I have here, I have been looking up how to get to Gallipoli, there is not much on the net, so I fired a email to Steveros (Leanne Skaf’s friend) so I’m waiting a reply from him.

EB (Tony) if ya read this, drop me an email of how and what time you got there. Cheers Mate!
Not much else to report other than, the father of the Bikie Crew I’m staying with snores louder than Tony… which means it sounds like a train is coming through the room every 5 seconds.
Counting down the days till I go to Vassiliki though, I’m itching to go out for a sail.

Peace Dudes! Steve


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  2. Trust you to be invited along by the sister. First it was the girl in Singapore, then the one at Athens airport and now the Brazilian sister inviting you.... hmmmm.

    Have you been to any bars or clubs? How is the music?

    It's interesting that you now just can't go to the pantry or fridge and say "Where's food??"