Monday, April 20, 2009

Im Dying!!!

GAH!!! its been like a month since i had my last windsurf!!! Im DYING!!!

Not good!

Just thought id throw it in!


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  1. Gee travellins fun isnt it !! All that waitin around , gettin buses and ferries , finally get to the bloody place & u r exhausted b4 u even start lookin around !! Dont worry , once u see the ruins of the old Ephesus u will b blown away, possibly better than any we saw all over Europe !! No w/surfin for the whole time eh !! ur arms r gonna b like spaghetti when u finally hit those idyllic greek beaches, i'm sure u would like to hear that " The Big Chill & I hav been out heaps with some big fronts comin through down here , havin a blast ,, EB