Friday, April 3, 2009

The Singapore Struggle!

636 Local Time (Flying into Greece)
The first night of my overseas adventure started off a little bit… rocky. The lounge I was supposed to stay in for a cheap price, would have ended up costing me over $200SPD. So I quickly dropped that idea. Luckily I had met Sarah Mach on the plane who is from Germany and is pretty much broke because she has been backpacking for a year. So we devised a plan that would end up costing me a very sleepless night, as for my first night overseas I would be sleeping in the airport.
After trying 3 different spots to sleep, we ended up crashing on the top floor of terminal 2, which is in the check in centre! When we woke at 700 after an epic 5 hour sleep, and we thought it would be a good idea to do the touristy thing, and explore Singapore. We were told about a ‘Hop On’ bus, where it drives around different areas of Singapore and you are able to hop off wherever you want, and you can just jump back on the next bus. To get there, it was a 30minute train ride into the city (where all the trains run on time). We got off at City Hall, and walked to the Singapore Flyer, which is a HUGE Ferris Wheel. We got on the bus, and traveled around Singapore looking at Shopping Centers, Temples, Parliament Buildings and small little communities. I think we got a taste of all the different parts and pieces of Singapore. So after about 6 hours of walking around in steaming conditions with about 200% Humidity I was a wreck. We called it a day and retreated back to the airport.
When we got back, I was starving after only eating a crumpet and 3 apples for breakfast and lunch. But, don’t stress Mum, because Sarah had been chatting to the girls at the information counter and she was going to take us to the staff cafeteria where everything was sooooo cheap! So we headed off down there, and Diana (the info chick) took us through the whole place, and when we wanted to order, she just paid for our food+drink! I was stoked! 1st proper meal of the day! I had a Clay Pot of Chicken Rice and vege’s!
Any way that’s pretty much it for me! Im now in Greece, and im buggered! So ill boost up another blog later on!
Peace Steve

ps: ill be putting up pics later on!

At the Singapore Botanical Gardens

An awesome flower i saw along my journey in Singapore

Local firestation, pretty fancy do!!

Our first sleep... only lasted 1.5 hours here before i got sever hypothermia!

Singapore Botanical Gardens!

The gardens again... Sarah the Goose!

The local joint where all the workers eat! Super Cheap!

A mega friendly turtle!

A not so friendly, but f**king huge (goldfish??) forget name:)

Bit more of the gardens!

More gardens!


  1. Hey Steve it all sounds so fantastic, you lucky bugger, we will all be thinking of you and watchihing your blog, so keep up the good work.

    Love to you. Your Mum is watching me do this so she is happy to have heard that is all going so well. She just said have you had a shower yet?

  2. P.S. The previous comment was from Gail not Dad.

  3. yay a blog im excited :) glad to hear you made it safely. stay safe, and keep up the posts

  4. ha thanks dudes! Pics are coming up get excited!

  5. Hey Big S
    The blog is awesome - I really look forward to reading more.
    Go the free meals! Just remember though, eventually someone is going to want something in return:-)
    Take care

  6. Hey Steve great to see the photos, keep up the good work.

  7. Stephen, great to hear you have landed in Greece. Love the photos and your adventures in Singapore. Hope you do not do many more airport stop overs not good for the body!!!!! You need to get your Visa sorted so you can upgrade to a BIG MAC!!!!!

    We look forward to more pictures, keep intouch, Oh Hawthorn lost tonight go the Swans!!!!

    Love Leanne and Chris

  8. YOu lucky bugger! Great to read of your exploits mate...keep it goin!Tony and Leonie gave me your blog so I thought I'd drop u a quick line....soak it all in mate!!!