Monday, April 20, 2009

Feels a bit like the Amazing Race!!!

1358 (local time)
What an absolute hectic 48 hours!!! I booked my turkey/ANZAC tour, which starts tomorrow (20th), and after I paid/booked it I realized that there were no ferries to get me across to Kusadasi (Turkey) where my tour begins! So I was properly freaking out because I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. So the next day (18th) I went back to the travel agent and asked him to do some magic so I can make it over there on the 20th. Well, he did some magic and after sitting on 2 ferries for almost 18 hours, I have made it to Kos, which is a Greek Island about, 25km west of Bodrum, which is about a 3 hour bus ride North of Kusadasi!
If that’s a mouthful, how do you think I feel… Yesterday, the 18th, I have been from Ios to Syros that was about a 5 hour trip, then had a 1.5 hour break, then I got on another ferry and went from Syros all the way back to Athens/Piraeus, then had 4 hours to kill before I got on the 2330 ferry from Athens/Piraeus to Kos, this ferry was an 8 hour one… had a good sleep.
So, now I’m in Kos, on a Sunday, (which is the Greeks Easter) and nothing is open, the streets are dead quite, no one is walking around. But as I sit here a type this, huge bangs are going off, as the family next door let off these super loud firecrackers!
I would love to boost some pictures up of my trip, but every time I find some wireless its terrible and always drops out! So just stay tuned and more photos will be coming up soon!

Chat soon!

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  1. A bit of poetic licence going on there - you called in a panic and I had to book the tour & I had to pay for it (you promised to pay right back!!) oh and Kusadasi is south of Bodrum.

    How are you getting around by yourself :))