Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Faulty Alarm!

1230 (local time)
I’m now sitting on the ferry on my way to Mykonos, after getting up at 6am in the morning to get on the ferry at 7am… I was meant to wake up at 530 to pack everything and have a shower, but my alarm wasn’t set right, so I was woken up by the girls at the door saying are you ready to go. So I slammed on some clothes, smashed everything in my bag, and off we went. So even though my stomach is eating itself because all ive been eating is shitty take away food, im pretty stoked to be doing something “cool”
PS: I’m going to ANZAC Day :)
Peace Steve

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  1. Gday Figjam sounds like you are having a cracker of a time. Getting to know the locals & a few new aussies sounds great. send us some more photos you know they say 1000 words. How come you didn't get a VISA before you left? Thats pretty basic for a poor tourist. Anyway life just the same here, you aren't missing much. ANZAC day will be very special in turkey, just look after the head ache. Keep up the good work. cheers DL