Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Turkey Tour!

Hey guys!
Ive been pretty slack on the writing this week... so because pictures tell 1000's words, i thought i would just put photos up for this blog!

Feel Free to comment! Enjoy!


  1. Glad to see nothing's changed since we were back in Parky OSHC Steve!! You are still a big show off and dork.. Ha ha. Nah i'm loving reading about your adventures, and am very jealous!

    What's with the catwalk?

    Sounds like you're having a great time. Turkey on ANZAC day will be pretty amazing i would think.

    Keep partying hard!

  2. I too am curious...whats the story behind the catwalk? it looks hilarious to say the least!
    I am soo soooooo jealous about you being in Turkey for ANZAC day....thats one of things on my "To do before I die" list! enjoy it!
    Oh and Kristy from Vacation Care had her baby! :) its a boy, and both him and Kristy are doing well! Just thought I would pass on the good news!
    Loving the photos, they really do say a thousand words!!Keep having FUN!!!!

  3. Hey Steve, Keep up the good work, I have been reading your blog and it is very impressive, your narative is very amusing love the pictures too. Cheers Gail