Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crashing in Mykonos!

1800 (local time)
I will state this now… I am fine and everything is ok : ). Today the girls and I stacked out bikes… quite a funny story actually.
So all day we had been boosting the bikes around the island again, and it was time to get them home, so we were on the final straight till we get home, and we made a deal that we would meet back near the puddle so we can ride in together. So I got to the puddle first and turned around a waited for the girls… I didn’t realize the girls were so close behind me, maybe 100metres, and I don’t think they saw me turn around, they were preoccupied with something else, anyway the girls saw me at the last minute slammed on the breaks and hit me side on at about 15 – 20 km/h. I was thrown off the scooter but quickly got to me feet to make sure everyone was ok. Rikki was ok, but Jen was complaining about her elbow. So we road straight to out room, and strapped up Jen’s arm. The scooter and the quad were looking worse for wear.
Anyway we gave Jen some pain killers and she went to sleep. Rikki was the first person to take the quad back, and there was no dramas, he didn’t even realize that all the screws holding in the body panel of the bike were missing, but we didn’t care. So 20 minutes later it was my turn to take back the scooter, that had a massive big chip taken out of the side of it, the mirror had been like bent around and the dash had come apart. So I took it back and was chatting to the guy and he asked if I had an accident today, I played the innocent card and told him that we were riding around the island all day and we didn’t crash at all. He ended up convincing me that I did have a crash, but it might have not been by me, “maybe someone might have pushed the bike over” never the less we still had to pay to get the bike fixed. He said 36 euro to fix it. I said no way, we have no money and we cant afford that, I said 30 euro then. Which is 10 euro each. We got some money together and went back, I only took 25 because I knew I could get it cheaper, I pleaded my case that this was dinner, and that we would have to starve now etc etc, even though he was as cut as a catfish, he accepted the 25 and left it at that.
Now, Jen was still in a pretty bad way, and was wincing every time she moved it, so we thought we probably should take her to a hospital just to get everything sorted out, she got an x-ray and it confirmed that she had a elbow fracture and a that she has to go back to Athens to have surgery on it and get a pin placed in it. Not cool.

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